Fifty-Eight and Counting…

  1. Mom says:

    I was so scared when I first found out that you would have to have a Kidney transplant. I prayed so hard you would find a match. The the Good Lord found your match. Then we waited for the day. The day of your surgery we waited on pins and needles for information on the surgery. We learned all went well and now we waited for news of how you were doing. Michelle and Steve kept us updated. I was amazed that God is so great and pray everyday for your on going recovery. I wanted to jump in the car and come to you, but knowing that I can’t hug or kiss you I have decided I need to wait until you are better and the doctor give you an all clear that you don’t have to be kept in close of from the world. We do not need any chances of any kind if illness.
    So my Baby Girl I thank God everyday that he has blessed you and taken care of you. I will always worry but God is great. I love you

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